Poetry+Lyrics: Nothing

It’s a song about loving somebody and wishing to spend life together; it tells how nothing is better in this whole world than the love of that person. I wrote it in the fall of 2015. Mental note: write dates whenever you write anything.


I was happier when I was small and poor;
A good life isn’t about having all the gold.
I was happier when I was nothing
‘Cause, at least, I was nothing with you together.
And we were nothing together.
And you were nothing with me together.

We were nothing together.

All those tears cost more than gold.
I’m having my heart broken again.
Than keeping going in this tidy misery,
I’d rather go back to being nothing,
if you came back to be nothing with me.
And we’d be nothing together.

People give own definitions to happiness
And I swer to God that mud and fire and darkness
would be it, if you were there with me.
Our nothing becomes something
and it’s our everything.
We’re nothing, but we’re something;
it’s our everything.

I’m nothing with you, together.
We are nothing, together.
You are nothing with me, together.
We are nothing, together.