Many of the things you’re going to find here have passwords, especially the diary entries or the letters and all of my projects (except those left public on purpose). Who know!? Maybe one day I’m going to share some of those things with you, but certainly not for a while. Anyways, I’ve been thinking for quite a while to create and archive regarding stuff about my life and this is it. This page contains diary entries, projects and related, letters and messages to some people, my projects, poetry and lyrics and who-knows-what-else.

Dear Diary…

Reality: This is a real diary-thing. It’s my life day-by-day, or, at least, the days I remember to write some entry about. I’ll also write down some entries from my past journals, just in case I’ll ever need them close.

  • 12.04.2013
  • 14.04.2013
  • 27.04.2013
  • 04.05.2013
  • 08.05.2013
  • 13.05.2013
  • 13.01.2015

Dreams: This is an archive about my dreams, night by night, or just for the nights when I dream. Let’s just hope I’ll remember the dream when I wake up.

  • 17.03.2014
  • xx.11.2014 (date unknown)
  • 19.11.2015
  • 17.01.2015


Projects and related

I’m putting here a list of projects. Each and every idea deserves a spotlight and here it is. There’s a chance that some of them are already dropped, abadoned, but some are in-works. Not to mention those few that are in-development. They’re all my little flowers. ‘Related’ means: lists of prototype titles, unused plotlines, written-out characters and so on.

Projects: With no further introductions.

  1. Tomorrow’s Ways anthology (Ian, Felicity)
  2. A Mad Rap Battle project
  3. The Lincoln Series
  4. A World So Shameless project
  5. Wind-Up People and their Hopes and Dreams project
  6. That Matsumoto Thing story
  7. The Dear Daddy idea
  8. The Solomonars project
  9. The Great Bucharest Hotel project
  10. We are Golden project
  11. The Girl+Sandwich story
  12. The Apocalypse story
  13. Caesar story
  14. Somewhere, sometime, somebody story

I don’t know which is going to be a book, which is going to be a short story, which is going to be a screenplay, but I have vivid images over each and everyone. I have dream casts and so on. And I’m doing my best to MAKE THOSE HAPPEN.


A Letter for Xx…

This title, of this part, is inspired by a song named ‘A  song for xx’, but it’s actually just an archive of letters, from me to certain people. They won’t be named, just called ‘A’, ‘B’ and so on….

  • Letter for A
  • Letter for B
  • Letter for C
  • Letter for D
  • Letter for E
  • Letter for F
  • Letter for G



Sometimes, I do write such stuff. There also a few projects of mine which need some of this. I like music a lot and sometimes I create bands for my books and, thus, I’ve got to create a few songs for them. I’m not good at real music composition, but I can work some lyrics out. We’ll see.