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‘ME MAKING IT HAPPEN’ is some kind of diary about the evolution, the best days and the worst days, the hopes and the dreams of my life and my career as a writer.

I’m Lavinyaa Pash.Remember my name ’cause you’ll soon see it on billboards. I’m also working on a CAMPAIGN about being true to yourself: CHANGEABLE BIO! Real person behind that!

I’ve launched this blog in order to inspire people to fight for their dream/s using my own struggle to become from ZERO to HERO. Short advices to start with: Be yourself! Be happy with what you’re doing! Trust your instincts! Dream!

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I was born on October 7th 2000 to a loving family, in a Romanian town, called Piatra-Neamt. I’ve got an older sister, who’s bad-ass, a mother whose love gives me wings, and a grandma, who’s my role-model. My father’s passed away when I was 8, but that’s something I’ll talk about sometime later. As a kid, I was a bomb of energy, but I also wasn’t really in love with books. Up until I was a young-adult, I was still dreaming that magic is real and that there was a door which we could open and see unicorns. I don’t regret any part of my childhood.

My hometown

But magic appeared before me on June 29th 2011, when I had my first idea for a book. I wrote a 13-pages manuscript that night and on June 30th 2011, I had my first so-called ‘novel’. I know it wasn’t really a book, but it was my little thing.

My hometown

For three years I struggled back-and-forth on different ideas. I remember that in the summer of 2014, I wrote a 30.000 words thing, before eventually dropping the project. I took me a while before working things out and writing a full novel. That happened during 2014’s National Novel Writing Month. And the title of that book is THIS SHAMELESS WORLD. I can show you a cover I’ve made using online photo editors.

As of autumn 2015, I’ve started editing it.

As of December 2015, FUNNY STORY, I’ve got a plot-twist worth an award. And here I am re-writing my novel, in 2016. My plans for this year is to finish the re-write, the editing and even publish it. Why? Because DUHH!! I’ve got other dreams, but my biggest one is to be an AUTHOR.

‘ME MAKING IT HAPPEN’ potrays my journey.

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Be yourself! Be happy with what you’re doing! Trust your instincts! Dream!

-Lavinyaa Pash