I AM SPEECHLESS… Therefore I will use other people’s words instead. Here we go:

Actor Gregg Sulkin said: “It’s sadly becoming very routine.”

Actor Tyler Blackburn said: “In the face of hatred and terror we must decide to choose love instead.”

Actress Ashley Tisdale said: “We need to find an inner peace, we all have pain but to take that pain out on others is only letting the darkness win.”

Actress Shay Mitchell advised: “Spread love, not hate.”

ex-Miss Universe and model Olivia Culpo said: “We are one world, together. I just don’t understand how it can be so easy for people to hate and harm one another. Life should be aboout love, not violence. Praying for peace. Praying against violence.”

Actress and singer Victoria Justice expressed a similar opinion: “I will never be able to comprehend how a human can do this to other humans.”

The list can go on… Those are the first I have found on my home on Instagram. The list is endless. SO MANY PEOPLE PRAYING FOR PEACE. FOR LOVE. FOR FRIENDSHIP. I am nobody and even if I say something here… who’s going to hear? But all those big people saying something… Their words don’t reach the ears of those… I can’t really call them humans.

Well, I am Orthodox and I believe in Jesus Christ and so on. X, Y and Z are Muslim and believe in Allah. But there is no difference. We still are people. And Jesus, Allah, Buddha and all other Gods from all the religions only want the best. None want blood spilled.

What is the prize? What do those guys win if they bomb different places? Is Allah going to rain happines on them? It’s misery. And misery brings more misery. And I could say so many more… But who knows… If I say something wrong… I am next.

The worst of all is that they are a shame to the Muslim religion. All those good people that believe in Allah the right way and pray correctly – without bombing anyone, all those people are brought down together with the terrorists.

Terrorists are another species that lives on Earth. They are not human beings. They are not Muslim. They only know how to be terrorists and nothing else. And they are a lost cause. Everybody capable of love is capable of being saved. They aren’t. How can you murder those people for such a fake reason? Allah doesn’t want blood spilled. How can you do that?

I am praying for Belgium. I am praying for Turkey. I am praying for France. I am praying for the world. I don’t know how to say it… but if this goes on, the world won’t last. We kill the world with our hatred. And whether it’s from a bomb or from all the hatred… we’re soon all going to die.



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