Oscars – The Aftermath + FASHION POLICE

I have always wanted to do this BEST/WORST DRESSED thing about the Oscars. It is the night of all nights when it comes to the red carpet looks. And besides, we have also got to talk about the WINNERS of the 88th Academy Award Ceremony.



Basically, I am just telling you that I was right with all my predictions besides Original Song and Best Picture. And I AM SUPER HAPPY THAT LEO FINALLY GOT HIS OSCAR. Ever since his debut on the big screen, we all knew he deserved it. Congratz! Also Congratz to Brie Larson –  whose stellar performance beat the crap out of our hearts in Room – and Alicia Vikander – the new JLaw. Congratz to Alejandro Inarittu – he is a fantastic director whose work is so inspiring. Good job, guys!!


Ok. I am not good at the whole Fashion Police thing, but I am just going to give you a few opinions over the Red Carpet looks from the awards. This is going to be fun. Lets get this started!

Jennifer Lawrence:

When it is about JLaw we all know it is going to be fantastic. In 2010 – back when she was nominated for Winters Bone, she was the sparkling new girl. And thanks to that red fab dress, we knew we were going to remember her. In 2012, she won while looking incredible in that white gown. Years passed and years passed, I am not going to list all of her dresses and choices, so lets talk about this year. ALL I CAN SAY IS: OUTSTANDINGLY EXTRADIONARILY FABULOUS!!! It is elegant and daring at the same time. 10/10 Certainly one of the best looks from last night.

Kate Winslet:

She is one of our favorite Brit actresses. And I love her and I respect her. She does a brilliant job in all movies and is, for sure, one of the best role models to have if you are new to the industry.

I just love that she let her hair flow over her shoulders. I remember the hairstyle from the year she won and I am not a big fan of it. I love how she looks this way. Talking about things I am not a big fan of, this dress… It is certainly not my favorite, but I think the hairstyle and the dress…. they fit. The overall look is just as glamorous as Kate Winslet usually has. 7/10

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette is certainly one actress not to ever overlook. She is fabulous and she does an incredible job onscreen.

And when it comes to fashion choices… she is equally fantastic. The royal blue gown is splendid. I just love the look. This is the red carpet at its finest.


Saoirse Ronan

One of the youngest A-list actresses, one of the youngest Academy Award-worthy actresses, Saoirse Ronan has been among my favorite actresses. I have seen Atonement, The Host, The Lovely Bones and she shone in all of them. Then… Brooklyn. Fabulous performance!

And to promote her fabulous performance, she looked equally fabulous.Perhaps this is not the best photo, but I need to say that the dark green dress is a heart-throbbing one and I just loved every single bit of it.


Chrissy Teigen (and John Legend)

I do not talk about guys because I find it very easy to pick suits and ties or tiebows while it is incredibly hard to find the perfect dress.

So, Chrissy… pregnant and beautiful. She is so beautiful, not to mention lucky to have John always by her side.

The pregnant look is tough. You can always wreck  it and end up as a meme on the Internet. But Chrissy Teigen rocked it. The gown is beautiful and she looks perfect. But under other circumstances – like if she werent preggy, then it would not have wow-ed me.


Kerry Washington

She did not impress me. She might have tried to channel her inner Angelina Jolie, with the whole leg thing, but I was not impressed. Sorry, Kerry.


That was it.


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