LOVE-A-THON | Mix & Match


This is the first mini-challenge and I planned on doing at least this one. But I’ll probably do more because I just love the LOVE A THON!!! Once again, thanks to all hosts: Alexa, Cee, Hazel and Mel.

I also said that I just love ACTING despite being just a rookie, andΒ WRITING – I’ve written a book and now I’m editing and so on. I’ve also written the script of the play that I’m playing in, via the theatre group TEENACT which I love so much.



I’m the girl with the white T-shirt on the stage, next to the really tall guy. His name is Justin and he’s playing my husband. In front of us, there’s Claude who has been acting since he was 5 and he’s bad-ass at it. CREDITS FOR THE PHOTO GO TO V.


Screenshot (188)

I’ve got 3 scripts in works + the one for the play our theatre group is working on. And I’m editing a full-length already. Yes, I’m a very busy person!


Screenshot (189)

I’m not that good, but YES, the folder is called ‘fab covers’, just because I have covers that I don’t like that much. Personally, my favorites are TEN PLUS ONE, WIZSRD DESCENDANTS (the one with the owl), THIS BELLE AMIGA and UNSTOPPABLE.

Another wrap-up! Remember to check out the event and the hosts (their blogs) and have a brilliant week-end!



10 thoughts on “LOVE-A-THON | Mix & Match

  1. I love that you’ve shared such a variety of non-bookish interests with us! Love that you’re an actress. I like watching stage plays and musicals, and was also involved in our theater group when I was in college (though I was in production). And I love that you write scripts too!

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