How biting my nails affects my life as a writer

I’ve had this problem since the beginning of time. I hate it and I hate myself for doing it. Apparently, it’s a habit I can’t get myself to give up. I’ve had periods of time, usually during summers, when I didn’t feel like biting my nails, but eventually, as soon as school and stress started, I started again.

Message for Anonymous Nail-Biters Association: Hello, this is Lavinyaa Pash and I’m biting my nails.

Sounds funny for everybody! It’s disgusting for those on the outside! It’s a pain in the (u know where!) for those on the inside! I hate it and I want to give up this habit. I see every day girls and even guys with nice nails. As I learnt from the movie Juno, even babies have nails. And most probably nicer nails than me. I want to be able to paint them in rainbow colors and have them pretty, not to mention all the manicure stuff…

But there’s one reason why I shouldn’t. Somehow this is my drug which inspires me. During the months that I’m not biting my nails I can’t write a thing. And this is the worst.

If you were in my shoes what would you choose? Being a nobody with nice nails or reaching your greatest dreams without showing your hands?

Perhaps it’s not the right decision. But it’s my decision. I want my dream more than nice nails.


If you can give up a habit, DO IT. The only reason not to is if it affects your dreams. If it stops you from doing what you’re doing best… don’t stop. Anyways, it’s better to have the habit of biting your nails as ‘inspiration trigger’ than alcohol or cocaine…

Take care of your life and be sure you know how you want to live it. Habits are bad, but when they are a key to your greatest dreams. They’re worth it. But under ANY OTHER circumstance, just give them up.


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