Experiences – wishes & plays

On January 20th, I auditioned for the membership in my high school’s theatre group. It’s called TEENACT. And I passed, by God’s mercy. I was in a theatre group. For a rookie in this area, like me, it was super cool and I was so excited.

Then we met and we discussed about what we were to act. Our teachers suggested a certain play, which was about old men and so on; the number of characters was 7. TEENACT has 18 members. So we decided to do something else. Eventually, we wanted to create a play on our own, which is of course terribly hard, but it’s also means that THE SHOW IS GOING TO BE 100% OUR SHOW. And I love that idea.

I talked to our leader and he said fine.

But where to get a script from?

Well, because they heard I was writing books, they chose me. And I said YES, because I loved the idea and we were all in that together and really working on something. It was fabulous. It was supposed to be a comedy – a princess travelling through the world to find love, a cute thing that would please all kinds of viewers (from kids to adults). And I wrote the synopsis today and everybody in the group found it perfect. Besides our teacher.


I love it all. I just love how it’s going and I want to write it. I don’t know how it’s going to be but I want this. So, Claude and I decided not to care about the teachers. We are going forward in our own way. And it’s going to be fabulous!!!



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