Ten Plus One, an ONE-SHOT


Ten Plus One is a story I wrote for an Wattpad contest of ONE-SHOT works, the theme being ‘Love Resolutions’. I enjoyed writing it. I loved it. I hope I’m going to make it and win something. Even if I don’t, this is, I strongly believe, one of the things that I truly loved writing. Up until now, it’s been the things that I’ve enjoyed the most.

It’s made up by a single +4,900 chapter, whose premise is:

When the clock strikes twelve and the year changes, champagne flows, fireworks light up the sky, everybody is partying and, most importantly, people kiss. In this town, there is some kind of tradition that people, mostly couples, to kiss at midnight.

For the first time in 5 years, John Quincey has no girlfriend to kiss.

For the first time in forever, a girl has somebody.

Truth be told, it’s inspired by a dream I had. And there’s this guy that I’m currently in love with. I’m dedicating this to him. I’ll probably post an excerpt on one of the letters I’ll soon be putting up at the RECORDS page.



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