Beautiful People #1: NEW YEAR = NEW CHALLENGES


If you know me, then you know I love to see all young people/book lovers/book bloggers/people getting involved into doing a great job when it comes about writing a book.

I know I don’t sound very coherent. I’ve just come back from an audition and I’m tired and not very confident about passing that…

Back to our subject,  I’m following Paper Fury, Cait’s book blog. She’s an Australian piece of cake/pineapple with beautiful minions, one of which I want to be myself. And she’s having this link-up and I was thinking of doing it too. So here I am, answering ten questions about WRITERLY RESOLUTIONS AND GOALS! That sounds just so pompous, but here we go!

1.What were your achievements last year?

Last year wasn’t my best year when it came about writing. I dedicated my writing time a lot to a Wattpad fanfiction and barely had time to think of real book writing. I also had my high-school admission tests/exams, so my summer was full. So basically all I did was:

  • Write a 18-parts (~around 25k words) fanfiction which I loved. I’m continuing it just as the series goes on.
  • By writing that fanfiction, I proved to myself that I can commit to long writing processes. That’s so important because I often get bored, if I do repeatedly stuff…
  • I edited a third of the book I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2014 and I just loved doing that. I’ve ended up changing the whole storyline, though, and that’s why I’m currently re-writting.
  • I read. Enough.


2. Tell us about your top priority writing project for this year?

I plan to do more writing and less reading. That sounds awful for a reader, but I really want to move on with my works. I’m currently working on re-writing/editing a book and it’s working slow. But, I plan to finish by spring. I have to. And during summer, I’ve got a few project that I HAVE TO START WORKING ON. I’ll give you a few details about them:

  • A Nineteen Eighty-Four meets Inception thing. The prototype title is: ‘Wind Up People And Their Hopes And Their Dreams‘. I know it’s long, but it’s just perfect. *giggling* It’s one of my biggest projects and if I screw this up, it’s going to be bad for my mental health. I NEED TO DO THIS. AND I NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT.
  • The next one is even more important. It’s a diverse contemporary stand-alone novel about two different people that are made (by fate/circumstances/ME!) to join forces in a quest. I can’t tell you more. But I’m going to give you the prototype title: A Girl And A Sandwich Discover the World. I’m so nervous about this. I’ve tried to write a contemporary book before, but it ended just like a fanfiction thing. I want this to be good. It’s a Eleanor & Park meets The Fault in Our Stars, but without the cancer. I wouldn’t bear killing those two babies. *this applies just to this book. i love killing characters, usually*
  • I’ve got two scripts ideas. But I’m not sure I’m going to work them out this year. I love the ideas and I want to make them happen. They’re not really right for books, so that’s why I’m saying ‘scripts’, but I could one day just hate myself and write them as a narration. One is the ‘Dear Daddy‘ project and the second is ‘That Matsumoto Thing‘.

I could list more and more things but I’m just going to stop here.


3. List 5 areas you’d like to work hardest to improve this year:

Let’s see… I certainly want to A) write more (obviously), B) read less (I can’t believe I just wrote that), C) edit more (because I’ve just got the taste of it and I love it), D) train and polish my skills (I still feel I lack certain things; but I’ll nail them by the end of the year) and E) manage my social life while doing all of the above.

4. Are you participating in any writing challenges?

YES! I plan on doing NaNoWriMo again, as many times as I can. So, it’s settled for November, but I’ll also join the Camps from April and from the summer. I need to write.

5. What’s your critique partner / beta reader situation like and do you have any plans to expand this year?

*I know nothing of critique partner / beta reader stuff thing. I’ve asked my best-friend to review my book (since December 2014) and she hasn’t still finished reading it. I’M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO READ MY WORKS, BUT CAN’T FIND ANYONE*

6. Do you have plans to read any writer-related book this year? Or are there specific books you want to read for research?

First of all, I have the habit of reading how famous writers ended up writing. I think I’ve read how J.K. Rowling came up with the idea for Harry Potter at least thirty times. I like those kinds of stories. It’s a very magical reality. So I guess I’m going to read some this year too. Besides, I always try to find ‘How to write better’ stuff because they are cool and some advice never killed anybody. Secondly, I don’t usually do research. I have ideas that later I build up into novels, so basically everything is already in my head. Sometimes the only research I do is ‘What’s the English word for Xx?’. English not being my first language is sometimes hard.

7. Pick one character you want to get to know better, and how are you going to achieve this?

My most important projec is Girl+Sandwich so I’m going to pick my main two characters: R. & H. – I’d love to reveal anything, but even their names contain spoilers. To create them, I’m basically splitting my personality in two piece: one is R. and one is H. R is the guy whose social life is below the atrocity level, but he finds certain happines in little things, while H is the girl struggling to find out who exactly she is, while trying to survive the world and how abusive, harsh and cruel it can be sometimes. The story is supposed to develop them even more and I want to write it so badly. So, step-by-step, it’s going to be fabulous!

8. Do you plan to edit & query , and what’s the plan of attack?

I’m doing my best to edit. I’ll be writing a lot book A and editing book B at the same time. I’m going to need seventeen hands, thirteen brains, five laptops and lots of coffee, but it will be worth it. As soon as I finish the edits, I’ll try to query. I’ve not done my researches over this subject yet because I still don’t know which book, where should I and so on. But I think that at least by the end of 2016, I will have been there and will have done this.

9. Toni Morrison once said,”If there’s a book that you want to read , but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” What are the books that you want to see more of, and what ‘holes’ do you think need filling in the literary world?

Basically, that’s why there’s fanfiction. TO CREATE MORE WHERE THE ACTUAL AUTHOR LEFT, LETTING YOU TO. DUHH!!! And, secondly, I want to see some real romance. I’ve been reading romance/YA puppy love/ YA serious love/NA romance and so on. I’m familiar with what’s described as ‘love’. But it’s not true. I don’t have lots of experience but it starts with a SHIVER, then it goes to an EMOTION and then it becomes a FEELING. So many pairings now-days meet, kiss then have sex without going through those stages. And, to me, it isn’t that real if it doesn’t.

Besides, I would love to see more diverse books: LGBT, fat, black/asian, religiously-diverse, ethnically diverse – I know that it’s hard to write a book about a fat lesbian girl who lives in Senegal and is Shinto but think about how many would love to read that, more books involving food (I share this wish with Cait), more books involving

10. What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?

All of the above.


Thanks, Beautiful People, for the questions. It’s a beautiful link-up. I wish you all the best.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful People #1: NEW YEAR = NEW CHALLENGES

    1. Daniela, thanks for your comment. I’ve read your post and I just loved it. I wish you best of luck and, when we will have finished their draft, I’ll be more than happy if we exchanged opinions, as each other’s Betas.

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