My Playlist for writing

As a teen of the 21st Century, music opens gates. For me, the disease has reached the ultimate stage, when I can basically do nothing without having my headphones on and listening to something. That’s why I need music when I’m writing too. It helps me stay focused and gives me the right mood to write in a certain way.

Unfortunately, now-days music is only for butt. “THOSE BRILLIANT SINGERS” (note the sarcasm, please) scream ‘booty, booty’ three times on a low-quality instrumental and call that a single. Well, I’m not listening to that.

I don’t have a particular taste. I don’t listen to a certain genres only. I’m open to anything and to everything, but as long as it gives me something. I could open an anatomy book, if I wanted to know stuff about butts, sex and so on. What I love being given is feelings and emotions. That’s why songs like ‘Tears in Heaven’ by Eric Clapton or ‘I’ll be missing you’ by Puff Daddy bring me to tears.

Check out the playlist that helps me when I’m writing. Once again, it’s my opinion. It’s got both instrumental and vocal songs and, specifically for the book I’m currently working at, it’s just perfect.


    An 80’s ALL-STARS hit, this is one of the songs that gives me hope whenever everything seems lost.
  2. SKYFALL, by Adele

    Whenever I need a darker point-of-view, I take inspiration from this Academy Award-winner.
  3. I dreamed a dream, performed by Anne Hathaway

    Sue me, but I think Anne Hathaway nailed the song even better than Susan Boyle.
  4. Do you hear the people sing?, performed by Les Miserables Cast

    The omophony is brilliant and it also proves how brilliant the soundtrack and the whole Les Mis musical can be.
  5. Knocking On Heaven’s Door, performed by RAIGN

    The original is brilliant, but I’ve just fallen in love with this cover.
  6. Clocks, by Coldplay

    This is obviously one of their best songs.
  7. Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol

    I’ve only discovered this song really recently, but I already love it. Could it be my current favorite song!?
  8. I Have Nothing, by Whitney Houston

    I miss her passionate way of singing so much.
  9. Candle in the Wind, by Elton John

    It’s one of the most beautiful eulogies ever created.
  10. Til It Happens to You, by Lady Gaga

    There are certain nominees that have to win and it would be the greatest mischoice of the Academy ever not to choose this tear-jerking emotion-packet heat-throbbing song.
  11. Por Una Cabeza, by Carlos Gardel

    This composition screams ‘PASSION!’ to me.
  12. Ballade pour Adeline, performed by Andre Rieu

    At least in my opinions, this guy is the living proof that real music isn’t lost and this performance is one of the reasons.
  13. The Second Waltz, performed by Andre Rieu

    This is perhaps his best known performance. It’s also meant for whenever you want to feel magic surrounding you.
  14. Lily’s Theme, composed by Alexandre Desplat

    If you will ever want to know which is my favorite Harry Potter Sound-track, it’s this one. I’m crying every single time I’m hearing it – Rest in Peace, once again, Professor Snape.
  15. Hedwig’s Theme, composed by John Williams

    This is another Harry Potter masterpiece and it’s also a gate towards a world of magic.
  16. The Imperial March/Darth Vader’s theme, composed by John Williams

    It’s one of he best-known sound-tracks and it totally deserves that.
  17. Did I Make the Most Loving of You?, composed by John Lunn [?]

    This is the Downton Abbey theme song and I just love them both.
  18. He’s a Pirate, composed by Hans Zimmer

    Everything on any Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is truly incredible.
  19. The Sound of Music tribute, performed by Lady Gaga

    Okay, I’m cheating, it’s not a real song, but I just love this tribute.
  20. Tears in Heaven, by Eric Clapton

    As a person who’s lost somebody beloved too, I know how much pain it’s in each note. I can only congratulate Eric Clapton for being able to release that cocktail of feelings through a song.

That was it.


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