Legends don’t die. #Lemmy #DavidBowie #AlanRickman #RenéAngélil

I may be young, but I know a few things and that is that LEGENDS DON’T DIE. They live on forever. That’s also what I’ve posted on Twitter when I first heard about David Bowie’s death. It hurts to know what so many great and beautiful people on Earth are leaving for heavens. That’s a reason why we should have faith that the heaven’s a better place.

I resisted a powerful drive to write about David Bowie when it happened as it was a heart-breaking event that hit the world, but I decided against it because I’ve seen people dying and I know how easy it is to die (had quite a few example around me in very few years). It was David Bowie and I wasn’t his biggest fan and it was a natural thing.

I came today home dying – perhaps I should use this word – to see the LIVE streaming on YouTube regarding the Oscar Nominations (congrats to those; maybe I’ll write a few things about that sometime later), but while on Twitter, preparing to Tweet whenever some nomination arrived, I saw that Alan Rickman was trending.

And it was because he died. Can I just say how emotionally involved I am now? It’s like an uncle of mine died. My uncles are around the same age as Alan Rickman was. Professor Snape is gone. Colonel Brandon is gone. Hans is gone. They’re all gone together with him. So, up there in heaven, he should be blessed because he deserves it. Because, just like David Bowie, Alan Rickman is giving us an incredible legacy that no other person could have been able to deliver to Earth. God sends each one of us down with a certain mission. David Bowie’s was to ‘add the glam to the rock’ and Alan Rickman’s was to be each one of the roles he had played, showing us not only talent, but passion, determination, beauty. Maybe an actor’s greatest role is the one of his own life, and both Bowie and Rickman mastered it, as examples of freedom, of talent, of profesionalism, of kidness.



I’m not forgetting to mention Lemmy who died on one of the last days of 2015. LIKE IT HAD TO END WITH A TRAGEDY!! And 2016 apparently HAD TO START WITH TWO TRAGEDIES. GODDAAMMMITTTTTTT!!!!

I’m speechless and terrified. The only thing that’s giving me hope is this tweet, coming from actor Dylan Sprayberry right after Bowie’s death.

And, to end it, I want to show you guys another tweet. This time is from a band called GigWise. They said it the best:

UPDATE – 15/01/2016:
René Angélil too! Rest in Peace!
Fuck you, cancer!


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