I know. I should have written yesteday, but it just didn’t cross my mind. You can see that I tweeted, despite not posting on this blog-thing. I’m just going to repeat what I said.

Almost One Year. Can you believe that? We miss you, sis!!

One Year. You and the rest be blessed! Thank you for sending a message. It shall be heard.

But I’m also wondering why we need death, an innocent person’s, to wake up from this nightmare of monotony. It’s creepy and crappy. Last year, on 28th, 29th and possibly 30th of December, all social media was full of #Leelah messages. Then nothing. Thankfully, there were a few that remembered her today. It’s her one year death anniversary. Name it merry, if you can!

After 30th December 2014, we went back to doing nothing and to caring less than zero. I’m equally shitty as Leelah’s parents because I did that too. Truth be told, I want to cry, because I’m deaf and mute and blind and stupid. Being stupid is the worst of them all. How many more are going to die before we all wake up and change something?

We forgot it three days after Leelah’s death. Then on JANUARY 5th, around a week from Leelah, there was another suicide. This time in Turkey. HER NAME WAS EYLÜL CANSIN.

Just because I don’t want to make this post very long, I’ll just make a list:

Leelah Alcorn – 28 December 2014

Eyul Cansin – 5 January 2015

Melonie Rose – 11 February 2015

Zander Mahaffey – 15 February 2015

Aubrey Shine – 25 February 2015

Ash Haffner – 26 February 2015

Black Brockington – 23 March 2015

Taylor Alesana – 2 April 2015

Cameron Langrell – 1 May 2015

Kyler Prescott – 18 May 2015

Those names are only in the first part of the year. I don’t have a list of the latter part of 2015, though I am sincerely curious about how it looks. There’s also Damien Shrum, who attempted and was stopped by the police, being placed under medical care. I haven’t got an update over it, but it’s enough to know that he attempted.

I don’t want this to become just a list of deceased people who we are all going to forget. If I could, I would tattoo their names on my soul. They deserve at least to be remembered.

Looking over different articles about those suicides, I came across something that broke my heart. Should I let you see it too? I don’t know. Actually, I don’t even know who’s there. You know what, you’re right not to care. Most of you, like me, are white and straight. I shouldn’t care. I’m also religious and am supposed to think that those who kill themselves are damned. But, in fact, we are damned. Our society. Ourselves. Is there any hope for us knowing that we can’t save the most honest of our souls? Anyways…. here’s this message:

A Tumblr user named Toby asked: “Can someone please listen to me?” And he wrote the following:

 I am transgender. Yeah, we all get that. Its a pain in the ass, I get plenty of shit for it. Im not worth much.
Please. Dear god [use] #transsuicides// as a trigger tag. Because if I keep seeing these articles, Im tempted enough to follow example.

Please. Start using it.
Its painful to see people like me dropping like flies.

It’s painful.

Whenever you’re searching about those LGBT-related suicides and deaths, you get billions of links for PREVENTION. Fuck them all!! We needn’t prevent suicides; what we need to prevent is BULLYING BECAUSE OF ONE’S SEXUALITY!!! But we don’t have such links and telephone numbers. We have words thrown, words that mean nothing in real life. Humanity is such a monster.

There should be a LEZD law (from Leelah, Eyul, Zander and Damien, the best-known suicides) to stop this sexuality+gender bullying. It’s anyways so disgusting. How many more are going to die until something happens?





And so on. They’re still with us and they’re waiting for their pain to change something. Will it? I pray so. We’re all doomed if this remains the way it is. Toby is doomed. Let’s save his life, at least. Life counts and each and everyone of you and of us and of them all knows that.


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