Posts from Twitter (22.11 to 29.11)

Last week I started tweeting again. The feeling is good.

But I didn’t start again because I was a glass case of happiness. I did because I needed to shout out somewhere a cocktail of emotions, one that itched somewhere in my chest. I know I sound poetic, but this week I’ve been quite depressed. That’s also ironic considering I went to prom on Friday night and the last thing prom can be is depressing. You’ll look at the pictures and say I’m bluffing, but the truth is that I can’t tell anybody anything. I needn’t worry and be even more of a burden to those that I love

As a featured image, you can see the beginning of my Re-Tweeting Era start. It’s a very promising thing.

So, I was thinking of making a list of my tweets from this week so they won’t get lost in all those 17.1 k tweets that I have. By the way, here’s a link to my Twitter page: lavinyaapash.

Screenshot (130).png

Screenshot (129).png

Screenshot (128).png

I don’t know for sure why I posted this about our prom king. The only reason I can find is the fact that he’s a good friend of mine and a guy that I might be in love with. But I’m waiting until I’m sure to say more.

Here’s my currently pinned tweet. It says it all, don’t you think?Screenshot (127).png



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